Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Noisy Animal Game for Children

Noisy Animal Game

Aimed for 1-5 year olds with real life animal sounds and quiz.

Noisy Animal is a free game for Android mobile phones that will allow you to listen to many interesting and fun, real life animal sounds.  With simple navigation, it is made up of 8 pages with 6 animals per page. There is a final page that allows you to guess which animal you're listening to.  It's so easy even my 2 year old can use it but more importantly it's also great fun for parents! 

The application was designed to encourage development in both the use of modern technology and a child's knowledge of animal sounds.

Developed by myself, Nigel Stanhope with help and tested by my talented 2 year old daughter, Grace.

Download: Click here to download from Google Play

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